How Leo-pharma uses Visiwise as their One-Stop Solution in Supply Chain

“Before using Visiwise we had no integrated visibility of shipments. Even thought we could use other track and trace tools, but most of them could only track one by one, or I could not do customization of my tracking list, or I could not know the live locations of my goods. Thanks to Visiwise now I can keep track of all my shipments easily.” said Sophia Zhu, Supply Chain Manager at Leo-Pharma

How Brand Name Distributors saved time and avoided errors in managing their shipments

“I’m really glad that I found your platform and used it because other platforms are much more expensive and Visiwise was the right one it needed to be and actually, the best part is that any suggestions we make, you guys make the changes and it is easier for us at the end of the day and you make things more efficient than the day we started working together.” said Diana, Logistics Manager at Brand Name Distributors