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How to Improve Customer Satisfaction with Shipment Visibility Software

In today’s digital age, customers expect transparency and communication throughout the entire shipment process. The lack of visibility and communication can lead to negative customer experiences resulting in decreased customer retention and, ultimately, lower revenue. Fortunately, Shipment Visibility Software can significantly enhance customer satisfaction while reducing shipping-related issues. In this blog post, we will be discussing the benefits, best practices, and ways to improve customer satisfaction with Shipment Visibility Software.

Understanding the Benefits of Shipment Visibility Software

Shipment Visibility Software is a digital solution that provides businesses with real-time tracking and monitoring of their shipping activities. This software integrates with various logistical systems and allows businesses to track products at every stage of the delivery process. The software provides businesses with comprehensive and up-to-date information on their inventory, order processing, shipping status, and delivery network.

The adoption of Shipment Visibility Software comes with several benefits for businesses and customers, including:

Improved shipment accuracy

Shipment visibility software streamlines the entire shipment process, reducing the likelihood of errors, delays and lost shipments. This ensures that customers receive the right product on time and with the appropriate documentation.

Enhanced cost-effectiveness

The software optimizes the routing and packing of products with the efficient integration of shipping data. As a result, businesses can reduce transportation costs and inventory overheads and meet delivery schedules.

Increased customer satisfaction

Shipment visibility software provides customers access to real-time data, enabling them to track their orders and shipment status, increasing their confidence in the process. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction, trust, and retention.

Best Practices for Effective Shipment Visibility Software

While Shipment Visibility Software can provide numerous benefits, businesses must adhere to best practices to ensure optimal performance. Here are the three best practices for effective Shipment Visibility Software:

  1. Real-time Tracking and Monitoring

Real-time tracking refers to timely updates of shipment status, location, and delivery time. The shipment visibility software should provide customers with access to automated email notifications, informing them of shipment status and ETA changes. This information lets customers make real-time decisions, such as rerouting delivery and delaying or rescheduling deliveries.

Additionally, businesses can use the software’s tracking and monitoring features to obtain and analyze data on their delivery processes, enabling them to track and improve on-time delivery, resource utilization, and other shipping-related metrics.

  1. Consistent Communication with Customers

Maintaining consistent communication with customers across every touchpoint is crucial to their satisfaction. Businesses should leverage shipment visibility software to provide personalized and proactive communication, such as real-time update emails, SMS notifications, or phone calls. When customers receive updates on shipment status and delivery, their confidence in the business increases, making it more likely for them to refer to and purchase from the brand.

  1. Effective Use of Data Analytics

Shipment visibility software generates a lot of data that businesses can leverage to improve their operations. By analyzing shipment data, businesses can optimize their routes, reduce their shipping costs, and improve their delivery times. The software can also detect problems in the delivery chain, such as delays and missing packages. This information can assist businesses in identifying areas for improvement and taking corrective actions, ultimately resulting in improved customer satisfaction.

Ways to Improve Customer Satisfaction with Shipment Visibility Software

While adopting Shipment Visibility Software can significantly improve customer satisfaction, there are specific ways to leverage the software to achieve optimal results. Here are the three ways businesses can use the software to provide a superior customer experience:

  1. Provide Accurate and Timely Information on Shipment Progress

Customers expect businesses to keep them updated on shipment progress, especially when there are delays. The shipment visibility software should provide customers with details on their shipment location and estimated delivery time. Inconveniences and delays are part of shipping, but prompt communication helps keep customers informed and reduces anxiety levels.

Advanced software systems enable automation in providing relevant information to customers, thereby improving the accuracy and promptness of shipments. Leveraging automation with humans interfacing as needed leads to better service quality communication with the central operations due to machine speed and accuracy.

  1. Faster Resolution of Issues and Concerns

Problems can arise during the shipment process, such as damaged products, late deliveries, or incorrect orders. Customers expect businesses to resolve these issues quickly and professionally. The shipment visibility software can be used to track the reported problems, diagnose issues, and provide a resolution to the customers.

Additionally, the software can provide businesses with customer feedback, enabling them to improve their delivery processes and anticipate future problems, reducing the likelihood of similar mistakes in the future.

  1. Personalized Interactions with Customers through Various Mediums

Personalized communication with customers can lead to building brand loyalty, better customer retention, and increased sales. Shipment visibility software can provide opportunities to connect with customers via a variety of mediums, such as emails and shared workspaces, that make communication easier than ever.

Businesses can leverage the software to proactively contact customers with notifications of product arrival and invite them to provide feedback through surveys and reviews. By incorporating automated alerts, customer service representatives can communicate personally with customers to provide solutions.

Improving Customer Satisfaction with Visiwise

One of the most significant benefits of Visiwise Visibility Platform is the ability to improve customer satisfaction. By providing customers access to real-time shipment information, businesses can adjust to changing circumstances and prevent customer dissatisfaction.

Visiwise provides advanced shipment tracking features and automated notifications to enable businesses to provide a better service. Customers can receive detailed updates on their shipments, including shipping status, delivery times, and location. As a result, customers can make informed decisions and become more confident in the shipment process, which ultimately leads to greater customer trust and retention.

What’s more impressive is that Visiwise offers a customer satisfaction dashboard that enables businesses to provide a fully customized shipment management dashboard to their customers. The dashboard provides tracking data and shows all the shipments in one single place. 

The Visiwise dashboard empowers businesses to bring high-level customer satisfaction to their logistics operations and helps them take timely actions to improve the quality of their shipment processes. Business owners can leverage the dashboard to respond to customer needs, track their shipment history, and improve their delivery processes.

Businesses can also customize their dashboard to fit their specific needs and brand style. Imagine you can have the Visiwise dashboard and all its features for your company with your logo and brand name. Everything is suited to your company’s needs.

You can book a demo of the Visiwise dashboard to see how customized Visiwise dashboards will enhance customer satisfaction. Through the demo, you can see how easily you can track the shipment history, analyze data, and improve the customer experience.


In conclusion, Shipment Visibility Software is an excellent tool for businesses to improve their customer satisfaction and experience. By providing customers with access to real-time information, businesses can enhance communication, improve accuracy and efficiency, and provide an overall better shipment experience. Adhering to best practices such as real-time tracking and monitoring, consistent communication, effective data analysis, and leveraging the software to personalize customer interactions can lead to increased customer retention and, ultimately, increased revenue.

As businesses adopt the latest technological advancements, shipment visibility software should be at the forefront of their shipping strategy. Adopting the best practices and leveraging the software’s benefits can deliver a positive customer experience and drive growth in business revenue.

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