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How does it work?

Visiwise container tracking tool, collects data from multiple sources like shipping lines, AIS data, port and terminals, railways and then refine and standardize them to make a unified experience to track cargos and bring visibility.


Arrival and Departure

Be always aware of scheduled timing and delays.

• Estimated arrival time (ETA) to port of discharge
• Departure time
• Arrival and departure time to transshipment ports
• History of ETA changing in time

ETA history

Port and Terminal

Coverage for USA and Canada ports and terminals.

• Last free day (to manage demurrage)
• Fees
• Freight Holds (Custom, VGM, Carriers)
• Available for pick-up

terminal data

Location and Vessel Tracking

Real-time location of vessel which carries the container (latitude and longitude) on the world map.

• Vessel name and IMO & MMSI
• Latitude and longitude of the vessel
• Voyage number
• Arrival time of the vessel to destination ports

vessel map view

Movements (Milestones)

Current movement and history of movements which is standardized and is unified across all shipping lines.
Important movements you may need:
• Loaded on vessel at port of loading
• Gate out from port of discharge terminal
• Empty returned to container yard or terminal and etc
• And more events …

movements table


Details of container journey legs. UNLocodes are available for ports and cities.

• Origin (Place of receipt) and Destination 
• Port of loading and Port of discharge
• Transshipment ports

routes data

Rail Data

Enhanced in-land visibility with rail statuses. (Coming soon …)

• ETA at rail ramps
• Information of rail ramps

coming soon


What do you get by using our container tracking tool?


Cost Saving

Be one step ahead of unexpected costs. Control demurrage and detention expenses.


Time Saving

You don’t need to check multiple websites and sources to check the status of shipments.


Make better decisions

Be always informed about pick-up and deliveries and proactively manage exceptions.



Notifications and Alerts

Get email on important events such as ETA delays, vessel arrival, gate-out time or alert on containers which are at risk of demurrage.

You can completely customize notifications based on your preferences.
• Digest report email of at risk of demurrage containers every morning at 9 AM
• Email immediately after ETA update of a container


Carrier Auto-detection

Let Visiwise's AI system automatically detect the carrier of your containers. Use “AUTO“ instead of the shipping line name and see the magic.

column mapping tutorial

Import from Spreadsheet (Batch Excel Upload)

Track and trace a list of ocean shipments by container,
master bill of lading, or booking number at once by uploading
an Excel or CSV file.

column mapping tutorial

API Integration

Automate your container tracking process using our GraphQL API. You can also integrate it with TMS or ERP softwares such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics Nav.

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Integrated with PO Number, Customers

Integrate shipments with PO numbers or customers and easily filter containers based on them.



Covers more than 90% of containers all around the world. See the list of supported shipping lines.


Master Bill of Lading and Booking Number

You can track containers using container number or master bill of lading number or booking number. Some shipping lines have limits for tracking via different types of references.


What information can I get by tracking a container?

After container tracking, users can obtain a range of data depending on the tracking system and service provider. Visiwise provides you the Arrival and Departure, Location and Vessel Tracking, route, Movements (Milestones), Port and Terminal, and Rail Data.