How RA International Enhanced Their shipment Management by using Visiwise Visibility Dashboard

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Meet RA International

RA International uses Visiwise as their supply chain visibility tool that enables their staff to track ongoing shipments in real-time, ensuring streamlined information sharing internally as well as with their clients.

RA INTERNATIONAL was founded in 2004, aiming to simplify project success for different organizations. This company offers personalized services in integrated facilities, management, construction and supply chain. RA INTERNATIONAL is based in the UK, but they have branches in different countries like UAE. Although, their activities are beyond the UK and Dubai. They have been managing camps in some of the roughest and most remote places on Earth.

” Kudos to Visiwise; you’ve definitely earned a long-term client in the form of RA International. We look forward to working with you and enhancing our portal further in the months to come.”

Sharan Mandavia
Group Logistics Manager at RA International

The Challenges

RA INTERNATIONAL had been taking care of its cargo management in a different way before it began using Visiwise. Their mailing procedure was taking a lot of time and effort. Contacting customers and mailing them about changes was a difficult and time-consuming daily job. Aside from that, managing all the shipping data was a headache.

Sharan, the logistics manager at RA INTERNATIONAL, stated that the biggest challenges were about having all the shipments in one place. They could not track multiple shipments altogether, and there was no alert system that could notify them and their customers about the updates.

Even though RA INTERNATIONAL is now using different tools on Visiwise Dashboard, the starting point of their experience was when they realized that a live Map View on a big screen is what they need in their office. They could not position the vessels on the map, and that’s where the Visiwise technical team started to develop what RA INTERNATIONAL needed.

The Solution 

As a result of using Visiwise tracking services, the company reported that they could track their ongoing shipments with their real-time location faster than before, and they do not need to spend time checking different sources as Visiwise provides them with a single and customized dashboard that suits their needs such as the collaboration tools of notifying customers and colleagues.

Map View to be on the same page

RA INTERNATIONAL needed to track their shipments in one portal that everyone in their team could have visibility.

They implemented a map view on a large TV screen within their office, providing a comprehensive visual overview of container whereabouts for all team members, ensuring complete transparency and visibility.

“While we continue to enjoy numerous benefits through Visiwise, our first benefit includes the ability to have a live map that correctly positions the vessel on the world map while in transit. This allows us to monitor the exact location of our shipments and keep our clients informed on a day-to-day basis.”

Sharan, Group Logistics Manager at RA International

Visiwise Map View in RA International Office TV
AutoPlay feature is implemented on RA International map view
Custom colors on Visiwise Map view based on the RA International preferences


The colors used in the design are based on their preferences to match the colors of their office, along with their brand name and logo. These customizations were added to ensure that RA INTERNATIONAL is using the ultimate tracking system with their favorite features.

This company has different types of containers on the ocean. Some of them are normal containers, but others are refrigerated containers. As they want to distinguish the type of containers on the Map View, we differentiate the icons, and each container has a particular shape on the map, showing you the type of container.

This was not the end; as they displayed the Map View on a TV in their office, we added an auto-play to the shipments. Now, every few seconds, they can see a new shipment with its information on the map. Each time, a new shipment is bolded, and it keeps changing to keep the team updated about the whole shipments in the dashboard.

Group Logistics Manager at RA International

Sharan Mandavia

As a publicly listed company, our branding and logo signify who we are and what we do, Visiwise allows its customers to have their own branding/ colors/  customizations chosen on the portal as per their preference. Although this comes at an additional premium, it is definitely recommended.


One of the main features of Visiwise is its automated alert system. Every change in the container status can be detected by Visiwise and is sent as email alerts to customers. RA INTERNATIONAL is also using this feature too. That’s how the number of movements that are going to miss has decreased in their workflow.

Their customers also get notified about the last status of their cargo, and they no longer need to call or email RA INTERNATIONAL for new updates and changes on their cargo which results in a better customer experience.

“Anyone that is part of the Supply Chain industry is well aware as to how common and frequent delays are, Visiwise allows you to receive status updates in the form of notifications through both Email and Phone as soon as the vessel slips from its intended ETD or ETA.”
Sharan, Group Logistics Manager at RA International

Customer Support You Deserve

Visiwise helps users with 24/7 customer support. RA INTERNATIONAL has been in touch with the support and sales team since they started using Visiwise Dashboard. We always try to maintain a proper connection with our customers, and in this case, we did our best to enhance the quality. Hopefully, the result was satisfying enough and helped both Visiwise and RA INTERNATIONAL to keep in touch for further connections and customizations and to have more fruitful cooperation.

“The team is always on standby, right from the time of implementation to the after-sales service; we’ve enjoyed the best customer service from the entire Visiwise team. Although we work in different time zones, Visiwise ensures that all our queries/inquiries/technical issues are answered/rectified within 6 hours.”
Sharan, Group Logistics Manager at RA International

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