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How to Pick a Visibility Platform for Your Supply Chain

How to pick a visibility platform for your supply chain

As supply chains become more complex, lack of visibility and transparency can lead to decreased productivity, increased costs, and damage to a company’s reputation. To address these challenges, organizations need to implement visibility strategies specific to their needs and seek out trusted technology vendors.

However, with a growing number of supply chain visibility software providers on the market, it can be challenging to choose the right one. Selecting the wrong vendor can negatively impact a company’s bottom line and tie up valuable resources during implementation. Therefore, it is essential to choose a solution provider committed to performance, compliance, and predefined standards and KPIs.

Before signing up with a service offering, companies should consider factors such as their desired level of visibility, the scalability of the solution, and the provider’s reputation and expertise. By choosing the right supply chain visibility platform, organizations can increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve their overall supply chain performance.

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Shipment Visibility Platform

Proven Track Record and Customer Experience

One crucial factor to consider when choosing a supply chain visibility platform is the provider’s track record and customer experience. The level of support from the initial consultation to device installation and return within the supply chain can significantly impact the return on investment.

With the increasing number of supply chain visibility solution providers in the market, it is crucial to select a company with a proven track record of satisfied clients and references from high-quality industry players. This level of experience and expertise in the industry can be gained through years of operation and a commitment to delivering on promised innovation and service quality.

By selecting a provider with a proven track record and customer-centric approach, businesses can be confident that they will receive the necessary support and expertise to scale their supply chain visibility solution. This, in turn, will lead to improved supply chain performance, increased productivity, and reduced costs.

Guaranteed Scalability and Simple Integration for Legacy Systems

To meet the growing industry standards, it is vital to choose a supply chain visibility software vendor with a solution built on the latest framework for scalability and cloud applications. This ensures that the solution is flexible and functional enough to meet the future requirements of the industry. Additionally, easy API integration is crucial for a company’s ROI.

APIs are the preferred method for connectivity, allowing for seamless integration between various systems and internal legacy systems. Integration with IoT sensors can provide near-instant access to data about the location and condition of cargo shipments. APIs are also necessary for advanced features like predictive analytics, offering vital insights into supply chain performance.

Scalability and simplicity of integration are non-negotiable selling points when considering a potential supply chain partner. By choosing a reliable supply chain visibility software provider, organizations can be assured of increased efficiency, reduced costs, and improved supply chain performance in the long term.

Analytics Capabilities in a Supply Chain Visibility Software

A critical factor to consider when selecting a supply chain visibility software provider is the analytics capabilities that the platform offers. Analytics capability is essential for achieving supply chain process efficiency by highlighting blind spots and inefficiencies. Predictive analytics is the next big thing in supply chain business intelligence, offering the ability to be proactive and anticipate future challenges.

Improving forecast accuracy, optimising transportation performance, improving product tracking and traceability, and analysing product returns are key use cases for analytics growth within the supply chain. However, collecting data alone is not enough. Reporting capabilities are also necessary to provide easy-to-digest information in a user-friendly representation.

Reporting features in supply chain visibility enhance transparency and provide the necessary information for making decisions and conducting predictive analysis. Platforms that capture information, create and format reports, and deliver them in an easy-to-read and organised manner offer the best options to achieve supply chain efficiency. By selecting a supply chain visibility software provider with advanced analytics capabilities, businesses can take advantage of predictive analytics, increase transparency, and drive supply chain performance.

Is Your Supply Chain Visibility Solution High-tech?

In today’s competitive market, technology is the driving force behind innovation and success. If your organization wants to stay ahead of the competition, investing in the latest technology is essential. When it comes to supply chain visibility solutions, having a provider that uses up-to-date technology can make all the difference.

It’s important to choose a solution provider that has a clear understanding of the latest technology trends and how they can benefit your supply chain. Look for vendors that utilize technology to automatically and securely collect, transmit, and share data to track and manage shipments in transit. This level of transparency across the supply chain provides better control over both product and information flow, allowing for more accurate and efficient shipping processes.

By choosing a solution provider that stays up-to-date with the latest technology trends and focuses on innovation, you can minimize supply chain risks and ensure that your organization enjoys an easy, cost-efficient, and streamlined shipping process. Take that first step towards making the right choice of a supply chain visibility vendor today!

Data Security with Your Supply Chain Visibility Platform

When it comes to supply chain visibility, data security is an absolute must. If your organization deals with sensitive customer data or business-critical information, keeping it secure should be your top priority. However, with today’s technology, data exchange is a necessary part of supply chain visibility solutions. This is why selecting a vendor that is committed to data security is crucial.

Supply chain visibility providers need to share a considerable amount of data with telematics devices and software for real-time tracking and monitoring. While this technology offers many benefits to supply chain professionals, it also raises concerns about cybersecurity. With cyber-attacks becoming more frequent, logistics companies and shipping operators can suffer from not only financial losses but also damage their reputation. That’s why customers rate security as one of their top priorities, and this must be a consideration when selecting a supply chain visibility software provider.

Your supply chain visibility platform is only as secure as your vendor’s commitment to data security. So, be sure to choose a vendor that offers the latest security measures and adheres to the most stringent standards to protect your data every step of the way. By taking this step, you can rest assured that your valuable data is in safe hands, and your supply chain is running smoothly and securely.

Is Your Supply Chain Visibility Platform User-Friendly?

The usability of a supply chain visibility platform is a critical factor to consider when choosing a solution provider. Your staff will be using the platform on a daily basis, so it’s important to provide them with technology that has an intuitive and flawless user experience.

A user-friendly software design provides greater visibility into how orders are processed, what products are being delivered, and whether they have been shipped or are in transit. This helps supply chain professionals take immediate actions to prevent any disruptions that might occur. However, a user-friendly platform should not only be intuitive but also enjoyable to use. The user interface should be attractive and entice the audience to come back for more. Choosing an easy-to-use platform can provide your organization with a distinct competitive advantage that sets you apart from others.

When selecting a supply chain visibility solution, ensure that the software’s design, interface and user experience align with your organization’s requirements. This will help your staff to easily navigate through the platform and perform their tasks efficiently. Remember, the more intuitive and easier it is to use the software, the more successful the initial deployment and continuous adoption of the software across the organization. So, make sure to choose a vendor that offers a user-friendly solution, ensuring that you and your team can focus on core objectives and productivity while reducing complexity in the supply chain management process.

Visiwise Visibility Platform: A Solution That Meets All Your Supply Chain Needs

Visiwise is a supply chain visibility platform that can meet all your requirements as an importer, exporter, or freight forwarder. Visiwise has designed its platform to offer real-time visibility into the entire supply chain process. It provides real-time email alerts and regular updates that can minimize risks, avoid delays and improve customer satisfaction.

Visiwise’s platform is user-friendly, and it provides an intuitive and seamless user experience that aligns with your organization’s requirements. The platform’s design is simple, yet attractive and customizabe, making it enjoyable to use, and this motivates users to keep coming back for more.

With Visiwise, you can utilize the latest technology for collecting and transmitting real-time data securely to the platform, providing an overview of the supply chain status. The reverse logistics service, which includes delivery, repositioning, and maintenance of monitoring devices, is streamlined, adding an additional service and value to the customers without the need to add any complexity to the logistics process.

Visiwise’s visibility platform is the ideal solution for any organization looking to enhance their supply chain visibility, streamline their logistics process and boost productivity. So, if you want to take full control of your supply chain project and make it an enjoyable experience, choosing Visiwise can be one of the best options for you.

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