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Sea Freight Tracking

Sea Freight Tracking

How Do I Track My Sea Freight Shipment?

Every container owner, importer, exporter or freight forwarder needs to track their sea freight shipment. Tracking shipments help the logistics manager to know about the prior status of the containers, the exact location on the ocean,  and the estimated time of departure and arrival (ETD and ETA).

Sea freight shipment tracking is time-consuming for every importer, exporter, freight forwarder and container owner. You should check multiple websites and get the last status of the cargo from shipping line tracking systems. Of course, there are better ways to give you more visibility and save time while tracking your containers. Online tracking tools are one of the easiest ways to track sea freight shipments.

Tracking a sea freight shipment is possible using the BL, container, and booking numbers. If you want to track your sea freight shipment, you only need to open the Visiwise Dashboard, type in your container number, select your shipping line on the right side and press the track button. You will get the most updated data about your container’s location on the ocean, the ETA, ETD and the ETA History. Using the Visiwise dashboard gives you more control over the shipments so that you can track all your sea freight shipments in one place.

How Can I Track My Bill Of Lading?

Tracking by the bill of lading is the same as tracking by container number. If you track your containers on the shipping lines’ websites, you should use your BL number in their tracking system. Visiwise Dashboard is another option for you, and you can use your BL number, a container number or booking number to track all your sea freight shipments. All your shipments sit in one place, and you can sort them as you wish.

How Do I Track An Import Shipment?

Tracking an import shipment is no different than tracking any other kind of shipment. Simply enter the container number at the Visiwise dashboard, and you will see all the data about your import shipment. If you are importing goods, you may consider timing a crucial factor in your process. On Visiwise, you can get notifications about your import shipment so that it is possible to skip fines and demurrage. Anything that happens to your import shipments is sent to you as an email, so you are always one step ahead. You can manage your cargo efficiently, saving time and effort.

How Do I Track My Sea Package From China?

If you have a sea package or a sea freight shipment to track, there is no difference if it comes from China. The only thing you need to track a sea package is the container number; you don’t need to enter or mention the name of destination or origin of the sea package. Track your package from China, the USA, Canada or any other country in the world on Visiwise Dashboard and see the live view of your shipments on the map.

What Is A Shipment Tracking System?

As mentioned above, a shipment tracking system is an online platform where you can track your containers, get notified about every change that happens to your cargo, and see the last status of the sea freight shipment. One of the best things about shipment tracking systems is that you can track all your containers in one place, and there is no need to check shipping lines’ websites multiple times. If you track your containers on a shipment tracking system like Visiwise, you can rename your containers, filter them and collaborate with your colleagues on every shipment.

How Can I Track A Container Location?

A container tracking system gives you some information about the location or the most recent location of the container. Visiwise Dashboard gives you specific data about the location of your containers on the ocean, and you can see the live view of your shipments in every corner of the world. 

"Live View" is a good feature for those who have a lot of containers and track them on Visiwise on a daily basis. You can see all the shipments moving around the map, which gets updated constantly, so you miss no movement.

How Do I Track My LTL Freight?

If you have less than truckload freight and want to track it, you may have the container number that carries the cargo. Using the container number, you can simply track your LTL freight. There is no difference from LTL freight if you have the container number. Start your 14-day trial and track the container that carries your LTL freight.

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