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An Ultimate Guide on How to Track Shipments Nowadays

How to track your shipments nowadays

Are you struggling with tracking your ocean shipments and finding it challenging to navigate through multiple carrier websites to get a status update? Look no further! This article will guide you through an ultimate step-by-step process for tracking ocean shipments with Visiwise Dashboard.

Step 1: Sign Up for Visiwise Dashboard

The first step is to sign up for Visiwise Dashboard. The dashboard provides all the necessary tools for shipment tracking in one place. You no longer need to check multiple sources for tracking data, saving you time and effort.

Step 2: Add a New Shipment

After signing up for Visiwise Dashboard, add your shipment details to the platform. Click on "New Shipment", and add your shipment reference number and the shipping line name. Visiwise Dashboard can even detect the shipping line from the reference number right away. You only need to select “Auto Detect” and let it find the carrier of your shipments.

Step 3: Monitor Your Shipments on the Overview Tab

After adding the shipment, you can monitor its progress from the overview tab. You can easily see the name of the shipment, the logo of your shipping line, the ports, and its last status. With all your shipments in one place, you can minimize the need to open multiple tabs and refresh them for updates.

Step 4: Check More Tracking Detail

View more details about your shipment by clicking the "More Tracking Detail" tab. You can see the vessel schedule, each step of its voyage, and the ETA. The ETA comes directly from the shipping line, and there’s a chance it differs from the one from the vessel schedule.

Step 5: Use Live View and Multiple ETAs

Visiwise Dashboard provides a unique feature called live view, which allows you to track your shipment’s location on the ocean. You can view multiple ETAs, one from the shipping line and another from another data source. This feature can help you plan and predict your shipments more accurately.

Track Multiple Shipments

You can add multiple shipments to your shipment list, automatically updating without refreshing the page. You can even import multiple containers from an excel file or bill of lading, making the process of adding shipments more convenient and efficient.

A Visibility Platform for Your Logistics Operation

On top of the above steps, Visiwise Dashboard comes with additional features such as Visiwise Cloud Space, which enables you to upload and store files and documents directly related to your shipment. You can share these files with others and have access to them anytime, anywhere. Visiwise Workspace is also there to let you add all the involved parties to each shipment and collaborate with them.

To wrap it up, using Visiwise Dashboard makes tracking ocean shipments more manageable and straightforward. Sign up for the platform, add your shipments, monitor them easily, and use the live view and multiple ETA features for better planning. You can add multiple shipments at once by importing an excel file or bill of lading, which saves you a lot of time and effort. Try Visiwise Dashboard today and experience hassle-free tracking of your ocean shipments.

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