How Often Should I Check my Shipment Updates?

An Assistant Who Never Misses Shipment Updates

If you’re waiting on a shipment, you’re probably wondering how often you should check for updates. The answer may not be as often as you think and sometimes it is a part of your job workflow. Checking for updates too frequently can be counterproductive for some people, and as it is a time consuming task, it does not meet the basic standards of cargo management.

On the other hand, if you don’t check the shipment updates regularly, you will miss your shipment’s moves while they are important, and sometimes you need to react accordingly. The result? You need to know the shipment updates at the right time unless there would be some unwanted charges. The better version of shipment management is to predict instead of reacting to exceptions.

But, have you ever thought of an assistant who reports to you about the shipment changes that need your attention?

Tracking shipments is not always a big challenge. First, you need to know when the best time is for having a look at the new shipment updates. Then, there are tools on the Visiwise Dashboard that notify you based on your preferences. Let’s see the ultimate level of convenience in cargo management.

Should I Check My Shipments Once a Day?

When it comes to checking on your shipments, how often is too often? For some people, checking multiple times a day provides a false sense of security and ends up being more stressful than helpful. And some others need to check the updates whenever a change happens to their cargo, because of time-sensitive products and urgent orders they have. So, how often should you check your shipment updates? Well, it depends!

Checking the shipment updates once a day should be sufficient for most people. You’ll want to check more frequently if you’re expecting something sensitive or time-sensitive. Logistic experts recommend setting up shipment alerts so you can get notifications as soon as there’s an update on your shipment. 

All in all, it is a good idea to check your shipment updates every day to prevent possible delays and unwanted charges like detention and demurrage.

Should I Check My Shipments Once a week?

As the process of manual shipment tracking is difficult, many prefer to check the updates only once a week. Also, shipments take a long time to ship over the oceans. That’s why some days are without any movement or updates. Checking the updates once a week can be good, but only if you are sure that a seven-day delay is not going to ruin your plans. 

You can avoid missing an important update. If your shipment is delayed, you’ll want to know as soon as possible so you can take action. Checking your shipment updates more often can also help you spot potential problems sooner.

Of course, checking your shipment updates too often can be annoying. You don’t want to obsess over every little detail. But if you’re worried about missing something important, checking a few times a week may be the best option for you.

Should I Check my Shipments Twice a Day?

In the morning, as the daily tasks start, checking the shipment updates from the last day can give you a bright insight into the situation. It is always helpful to track the shipments and see the movement at the beginning of the day. Also, when the day ends, having a list of new changes that happened to the shipment can help you have a better workflow as everything is more visible. 

Just look at your needs and the situation in your company. If you really need to have the best level of visibility, checking the shipment updates twice a day is what helps you a lot.

What Can Be the Challenge?

No matter how many times you want to track your shipments, it is always a difficult thing to do, and for some people, it is impossible to check for updates twice a day. 

But as Visiwise brings simple solutions to big problems, it is possible to simply track all your shipments in a minute with a single click. 

When you open your shipment list on Visiwise Dashboard, you can see all the tracking information in one place while it keeps updating, giving you the most up-to-date data available. Even if you don’t like to check the shipment updates one by one, there is a chance to receive notifications over every change in real-time. 

Rather than reacting to exceptions, shipment management should be based on predictive analytics and on-time notifications.

Visiwise and Customizable Notifications

It is understandable that everybody needs a different method for checking shipment updates. The good thing is that Visiwise gives you this visibility in cargo management based on your preferences for shipment updates.

Are you tired of checking different sources for tracking information? No problem! Visiwise keeps your shipment list updated, and you don’t even click anywhere! Just watch the list!

Is your inbox going to explode due to many notification updates of shipment changes? Again this is not a big concern when you use Visiwise. There are customizable tools on Visiwise Dashboard that can enhance your experience of shipment tracking. Let us explain your simple solution that eliminates the main problem.

Set the Time You Want to Receive Notification

Checking the updates and getting reports on shipments are different. Daily or weekly reports give you the whole tracking information you need. But if something new happens to the shipments, it is considered an update and should be noticed by you. These updates can be about the ETA, vessel changes and possible delays on different steps of a voyage. 

You need to keep track of updates, and that’s why notifications are what help you through the process.

But we know that you have a busy inbox with lots of emails from different people. Our users are living in different time zones, and some of the updates reach them with bad timing. You know what happens to an email when it sits in your inbox at midnight! You will miss it in the morning. 

We think of your convenience while tracking shipments. So don’t worry about the time you receive updates on your shipments. Easily set the time you want to receive the email alerts, and you will get notified based on your preference and time zone.

When Do I Receive Notification on Shipment Updates?

Notification Preferences are for having better control over shipment management. Visiwise Dashboard lets you set your favorite time of receiving shipment updates as email alerts and give you the chance to set the frequency of the notifications.

How many days a week do you want to check the updates? What time do you need to see the changes? These are your options for the frequency and the timing:

  • Immediately after detecting changes
  • Every morning at 9 AM
  • Every evening at 5 PM
  • Every day at 9 AM and 5 PM
  • Every two days
  • Once a week

Who needs to experience the real convenience in shipment tracking? We assume that whoever is working in logistics and shipping, this is an ultimate solution to their time-killing tasks. Book a demo and see how Visiwise Dashboard acts as your virtual assistant in the process of tracking shipments.

Predicting instead of reacting to exceptions is the best way to manage shipments; experience it with Visiwise Dashboard!

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