Jeddah Port Wins Port of the Year Award, Beating International Competitors

Jeddah Port scoops Port of the Year Award

In a significant triumph, Jeddah Islamic Port – a constituent of The Saudi Ports Authority (Mawani) – has clinched the prestigious "Port of The Year" and "Digital Transformation" awards at the 7th Green Shipping Summit held in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The port emerged victorious against tough competition, including renowned ports like Hamburg and Rotterdam.

Mawani’s official statement attributes Jeddah Islamic Port’s newest accolade to a robust program of development initiatives and impactful investments executed at the Saudi Arabian port. Some of these programs involve forging partnerships to establish five top-notch logistics parks and introducing novel cargo services to enhance the Kingdom’s maritime connectivity. 

Notably, the port also deployed 12 environmentally-friendly cranes built using cutting-edge technologies, thus demonstrating a steadfast commitment to sustainable energy.

Jeddah Islamic Port ranks eighth in the World Bank’s Container Port Performance Index 2021 and has a rich history dating back to 646 A.D. during the reign of Caliph Uthman ibn Affan. 

The port serves as the primary gateway for Muslim pilgrims worldwide visiting the Holy Mosque in Mecca. It is also the largest gateway for Saudi Arabia’s imports and exports and the top re-export point in the Red Sea. Notably, 75 per cent of the country’s inbound transshipment and exports are routed through the port.

The Green Shipping Summit aims to shape the maritime industry’s future by bringing together leading stakeholders to exchange ideas on creating a carbon-neutral and innovative future. The event also features an awards ceremony that recognizes entities that have adopted best practices and standards in sustainable shipping.

The award validates Mawani’s industry-leading strategies, such as the "Smart Ports" initiative, a blueprint that leverages 5G and AI technologies to automate port operations, deploy digital tools to upgrade collaboration with port operators and establish port management systems to expand the current suite of best-in-class services from 46 to 150.

Jeddah Islamic Port is slated to complete the region’s largest logistics park, costing $346 million, in the first quarter of 2024. This facility will reportedly generate over 2,500 direct and indirect employment opportunities.

In summary, Jeddah Islamic Port’s resounding victory underscores the port’s extensive investments in innovation and sustainability, positioning it as a major player in the global maritime industry. The award reinforces Saudi Arabia’s thriving economy and its commitment to creating a sustainable and innovative future.

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