“Live Location” on Visiwise

Live Location

Visibility in Cargo Management

Cargo management is the process of organizing and controlling the storage and transportation of goods. Proper cargo management is essential for businesses that want to optimize their shipping operations and reduce costs.

Visibility is key to effective cargo management. By having visibility into the location and status of goods, businesses can make more informed decisions about how to manage their cargo and be prepared for exceptions. This visibility can be achieved by online tracking systems like Visiwise visibility platform.

“Live Location” on Visiwise

When you add your shipments to your dashboard, you can see all the details when you click on the shipment. These information include ETA, ETD, ports, vessel name, current status and more. These are not all the things! You can also see the live location of your shipment on the map.

Seeing your shipment on a live map lets you know the location of your cargo and experience visibility in a more visual form. As your shipment moves, you can keep track of it and see the Live Location of the vessel on the ocean.

Why Do I Need Visibility in Cargo Management

With visibility into their cargo, businesses can improve their shipping operations in a number of ways. For example, they can better plan routes, avoid delays, and resolve issues more quickly. In addition, businesses can use visibility to improve customer service by providing accurate information about delivery times.

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