Vancouver Port Container Tracking

Vancouver Port Container Tracking

Vancouver port container tracking seems to be a challenge for many people in logistics. These problems got to the next level after COVID 19, as we all saw its effects on the whole supply chain. Anyway, you may still have problems tracking your shipments in Vancouver port, but the good news is that Visiwise has the solution!

What Is the Problem with Vancouver Port Container Tracking?

Some reports clarify the reason why you have problems with tracking your shipments. Vancouver Port ranks 368th out of 370 ports in the world. This ranking shows us that Vancouver Port has a weak performance, and it causes a lack of visibility in shipment tracking

Even if Vancouver Port develops over time, tracking a container using the official shipping lines’ websites is still time-consuming. You miss your data each time you leave the website, and if you have a long list of shipments to track, you are likely to get lost in many open tabs on your browser with no accurate data about the cargo.

Container Tracking at Vancouver Port: The Best Way

Any importer, exporter, or freight forwarder needs a streamlined process of container tracking. Fortunately, If you use online tracking tools, it is easily possible, and you will save your time and effort. The Visiwise Tracking system is an easy way for Vancouver Port container tracking.

If you have a shipment in Vancouver Port, you can visit and easily enter your container number into the search bar. Using Visiwise Dashboard, you don’t need to worry about your shipping line. We cover most of the shipping lines in the world, and you can find your carrier’s name on the right side of the field.

At the next step, click on the “Track Shipment” button. You will see every piece of information about your container in Vancouver Port or any other port in the world. There are details about your shipments, and you may like to know them. For example, the ETD and ETA are the most important dates you need to know. You will see all these data on Visiwise Dashboard and a Live View of your shipment on the map. All these features are designed to bring more visibility and control to your cargo management.

Is Vancouver Port Container Tracking Free?

Yes! Nothing is easier than tracking a container in the port of Vancouver. Sign up here on Visiwise Dashboard and use all the features for free in your free trial. We provide you with a free plan to track shipments using a container number or Bl number, and if you want to track more containers and use all the features, you may use one of our customized offers tailored to your business size.

Port of Load and Port of Discharge Filters

Global business is running all around the world and is not limited to the port of Vancouver. Look at your list of containers; you will see different ports in their voyage. If you manage the containers in a particular port of load or discharge, you can filter the Shipment List on Visiwise. In this way, you will see all the containers in your desired port. Even if you need a spreadsheet containing their details, it is possible to Export your shipment list as an Excel file or spreadsheet. This comes in handy when you need to take care of a group of shipments that has the same port of load or port of discharge.

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