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What It’s Like Having Visibility In Supply Chain

Visibility in Supply Chain

What Are Tracking and Visibility?

Many factors in logistics determine the quality of performance and reliability of this industry. The fact is that whoever is waiting for cargo to reach the final destination has many concerns about their goods. No matter if you own the cargo or you are just managing them. You need to know exactly where your cargo is and what was the last status of your shipments.

Tracking comes is a way you can get this information. Tracking means searching for real-time data about the shipment. In the case of shipping and marine transportation, tracking refers to your searches for reliable data on the movements of shipments and containers.

As you leave your goods at the port and load them on to a container, you have no idea what will happen to them. It is impossible to rely on initial planning because a lot of changes happen while the shipment is in transit. Visibility is what you need in this industry to stay tuned about the last status of your shipments, their location, and the estimated time of arrival.

Why Is Freight Visibility Important?

Freight visibility plays a significant role in global business. It improves the supply chain performance and helps those who are working in this sector as freight forwarders, importers, and exporters.

If you want to understand the importance of visibility in the supply chain, you can imagine the day you have no visibility over the shipment. With no visibility, you don’t know where to find your cargo. There is no estimated time of arrival and you have no idea when your shipment arrives at the destination port. You will never know the location of your container, you can’t manage them and the whole international commerce gets into a problem. 

We need visibility in the supply chain due to many reasons. To sum it up, it is a must in this sector, unless cargo management means nothing.

What Is Logistic Visibility?

Logistic visibility is when every detail and information is available for those who are in charge of transportation and shipping. If you track and trace the containers and vessels to see their real-time information, you are trying to bring visibility to the logistics.

What Is Real-time Transportation Visibility?

Depending on your way of tracking, you may have real-time visibility in your supply chain. Real-time means that the data gets updated constantly so that your information is updated and goes back to a second ago! But, there are some tracking tools that don’t provide you with real-time information, instead, you can only see the last status of the cargo and it can be pretty old. Real-time transportation visibility helps you track and manage your cargo more accurately.

What Is the Shipment Status?

A Shipment has some basic information at any time. This information is about the last movements of the shipment, the next step in the voyage, ETA, ETD, vessel name, and location. When you track a shipment, these are the details you get as the shipment status.

What Is Shipment Monitoring?

Shipment monitoring is the same as shipment tracking. There is no real difference between these terms and it is your choice to use any of them.

What Is a Visibility Platform?

A visibility platform is an online tracking tool that helps you find and track your shipment using the container number or MBL and booking number. A visibility platform provides you with different solutions to eliminate your challenges and pain while managing your shipments. If you are an importer/exporter or a freight forwarder, a visibility platform is what you need to save time and money using it.

What Are Supply Chain Visibility Tools?

If you are looking for a supply chain visibility tool, it is better to determine your basic needs and demand. In this way, you will be able to choose the most beneficent option available. Visiwise Dashboard is one of your options as a supply chain visibility tool. Why is Visiwise a good option for you?

Visiwise is not only a visibility platform, it is a workspace for you and your colleagues. You can do excellent teamwork on Visiwise and track your shipments to experience a premium level of visibility in the supply chain.

Visiwise Dashboard lets you manage all your shipments in one place and sends you email alerts and notifications so that you will never miss a shipment move. Another good thing about Visiwise is that you can use it as a very useful tool in your workflow and help your business grow by saving money and time.

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