shipping within Canada

MSC Tracking in Canada

MSC Tracking in Canada

If you ship your goods by MSC containers, you certainly have some concerns about your cargo, as you should. You don’t know the ETA and the last status of your shipments, which can be a problem. 

The good news is that thanks to container tracking systems, you can track your shipments while they are shipped. No matter where you are based, you only need a container or BL number. So MSC tracking in Canada or any other country is the same. A container tracking system shows you every detail about your MSC container.  

In addition to the Bl number and container number, you can also track your MSC container with the booking number. Visiwise Dashboard is here to let you track MSC containers in Canada or any other country using the booking number.

Can I Track an MSC Container?

Yes! You can effortlessly MSC containers just like other containers from other shipping lines.

What Is an MSC Container Number?

A container number is probably the number you forget ASAP! Because it is a long number including some letters. A common way to track an MSC vessel is to use the container number. This number starts with four letters that show the shipping line you are using, and we call them owner code. As an illustration, MSC container numbers start with MSC, MSD, MSM, GTI, and the fourth letter is the equipment identifier. 

Equipment Identifier shows the type of container. . After four letters, there are six digits as the serial numbers.

What Is an MSC Bill of Lading?

When you sign a contract with a freight forwarder, a standard document displaying your shipment’s details is issued by the carrier. This document is called Bill of Lading, and you may see it as BL or BOL too. Using the BL number, you can track and trace your MSC containers. A bill of lading is needed to transport a shipment. This document could be used in global trade to ensure that exporters are paid, and importers receive their goods.

Booking Number

Your cargo carrier or its operator will employ the booking number as a shipping reservation or booking number for your shipment. The shipping line gives you a booking number when you reserve your shipment. Another possible way to track your MSC container is using the Booking Number on Visiwise Tracking System.

How to Track MSC Containers in Canada?

If you want an easy experience with MSC tracking in Canada, just check and enter your Container, Bl, or Booking number. Select MSC from the right part of the search bar and click on “Track Shipment”. If you want to have all your shipments on a shipment list, just sign up at Visiwise and start your 14-day free trial. Visiwise also notifies you of every movement and update on your shipment.

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