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Visiwise reduces manual work in shipment operations and automates your customer support. That's how you handle more shipments with less effort and have happier customers.

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While we continue to enjoy numerous benefits through Visiwise, our first benefit includes the ability to have a live map which correctly positions the vessel on the world map while in transit. This allows us to monitor the exact location of our shipments and keep our clients informed on a day to day basis.

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Sharan MandaviaGroup Logistics Manager
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Track and traceTrack and trace

Track your shipments by container, MBL or booking number. Also you can track by the vessel name.

View and controlView and control

Use tags and filters to create a new view of your list and have quick access to the most important details.

Integrate and automateIntegrate and automate

Integrate Visiwise into your system and bring automation and visibility to your shipment management.

Share and collaborateShare and collaborate

Share your files and collaborate with colleagues and cut down the unnecessary calls and emails.

Get alerts and reportsGet alerts and reports

Get instant alerts on every change and receive daily/weekly reports on your shipments.

Customer Satisfaction with Less Effort

Reduce manual work

Besides being able to track all your shipments in one place, Visiwise monitors all shipments and instantly notifies you of any important changes (ETA, Delay, Schedule). It removes the manual and repetitive work of tracking containers and shipments from different shipping line websites.

Instant email alertsInstant email alerts

Instantly receive notifications for carrier ETA changes, new moves, schedule update, exceptions and any other important events instantly.

All-in-one tracking dashboardAll-in-one tracking dashboard

Track your shipments from different carriers in one place. Visiwise keeps them always updated for you to check and quickly find the data you need.

Manual Work

Increase customer satisfaction

Make your customer support process automated and significantly reduce the number of emails and phone calls. Every move and change is automatically notified to them by email, and they can track their shipments on your branded portal.

Automated updating processAutomated updating process

Automate email alerts to your customers so they always know the shipments status and they don't need to contact you for updates.

Branded tracking portalBranded tracking portal

Provide your customers with your branded online portal to check their shipments and get accurate and real-time tracking data.

Customer Satisfaction
Manual Work

I had a large volume of shipments to monitor but found it time consuming to have to search one by one through each shipping line website. I also had to do a new search every time. With Visiwise all the information is saved and keeps me up to date.

Christy Pike | Logistics Manager
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