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Unlock a new standard of customer satisfaction through enhanced visibility, automated support, and a customized branded portal.
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In the world of modern business, customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of success.
Visiwise empowers you to exceed customer expectations by providing real-time visibility in a tailored, branded portal for you and your customers.Saving you time, reducing unnecessary communications, and empowering you to handle more shipments effortlessly.

Visiwise Benefits:

Branded Customer PortalBranded Customer Portal

Visiwise offers a customizable, branded portal that enhances their control over shipments and elevates their satisfaction.

Real-Time Visibility, Anytime!Real-Time Visibility, Anytime!

Break free from time constraints. Your customers enjoy 24/7 access to real-time tracking, reducing calls and emails, and allowing them to stay informed about shipments from anywhere.

Proactive Customer SupportProactive Customer Support

Minimize unnecessary communication. Visiwise ensures your customers receive timely notifications, reducing the need for constant follow-ups and enhancing satisfaction.

Customized ExperienceCustomized Experience

Tailor the experience to your brand. Visiwise enables you to customize the portal, providing a consistent, memorable experience that keeps customers engaged and loyal.

Simple in learning, easy in usage!

Visiwise Dashboard | Container tracking

Your all-in-one solution for
real-time shipment tracking & customer satisfaction!

All-in-one Tracking DataAll-in-one Tracking Data

Access real-time shipment tracking data from different carriers and various sources like carrier systems, AIS and satellite, ports and terminals, and railways, and save your team time.

Proactive NotificationsProactive Notifications

Get email alerts instantly for the changes that require attention, based on preset preferences. Like: ETA changes, new moves, and more.

Seamless IntegrationSeamless Integration

Seamlessly integrate real-time shipment tracking data into your existing systems—ERP, TMS, WMS, spreadsheets, and more. Automatically gain complete visibility and control over your supply chain and logistics.

Enhanced Branded ExperienceEnhanced Branded Experience

Enhance your customers' experience with a personalized portal featuring your unique visual identity, logo, and color scheme. Enjoy customized emails tailored to your language and branded with your domain, along with a dedicated login/signup page.

Sharing and CollaborationSharing and Collaboration

Easily store and share shipment-related data and documents with your customers, assign tasks to your team, organize teamwork, and enhance efficiency.

Support and CustomizationSupport and Customization

Consider us an extension of your team. Our proactive engagement goes beyond providing a tool; we actively listen, support, and evolve with you, customizing our services to your unique needs.

Our Customers Feedback

While we continue to enjoy numerous benefits through Visiwise, our first benefit includes the ability to have a live map which correctly positions the vessel on the world map while in transit. This allows us to monitor the exact location of our shipments and keep our clients informed on a day to day basis.
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Sharan Mandavia|Group Logistics Manager

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