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To move the
global business forward

Our purpose is to move the global business forward to bring about a better world where shipping globally is as simple as local delivery.
Our Mission

We are here to …

Bring smart logistics solutions to deliver a personalized experience, far beyond expectations, for our clients all around the world.

Visiwise is a partner for companies ready to revolutionize their supply chain management and enhance their business efficiency through the power of technology.

We bring world-class technologies and deep logistics expertise together to simplify the global trade for our partners, improvingpeople's quality of life.

This is only possible through our highly committed, passionate and talented team along with the cooperation of key industry players.

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Core Values

No Barriers, No limits

We accept no barrier and we push the limits. In face of difficult situations, Visiwise never loses hope of overcoming them. We think of alternatives, and there is nothing we can't accomplish when it comes to conquering our goals.


Together we are an ocean. We're empowered by the synergy we get from each of our team members, partners, and clients. Every individual plays a vital role in Visiwise.


Our Innovative solutions are the result of our reactions to changes. We monitor the trends with open eyes, navigate the chaos and learn rapidly to stay ahead of the curve.

Empathy and Compassion

Understanding the feelings and issues of our team members and partners is something of great value for each of us in Visiwise. Whenever we need each other, we are eager to help and act. We connect with empathy and act with compassion.

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Since 2015, I have never lost my faith in our brilliant team who can challenge the status quo and simplify the global shipping and logistics with the help of our users and partners.

Jaber EbrahimiVisiwise CEO

Visiwise stands as your responsive technology partner

It's time to know what's available and how you can move your business to the next level