Some of companies using Visiwise platform
Husky Technologies | Injection Molding Packaging Solutions
Medifab | Wheelchair Seating, Assistive Technology, Paediatric Aids, Disability Equipment
Rahn AG (Rahn Group)

Everything you need to
manage your shipments easier

Track and traceTrack and trace

Track your shipments by container, MBL or booking number. Also you can track by the vessel name.

View and controlView and control

Use tags and filters to create a new view of your list and have quick access to the most important details.

Integrate and automateIntegrate and automate

Integrate Visiwise into your system and bring automation and visibility to your shipment management.

Share and collaborateShare and collaborate

Share your files and collaborate with colleagues and cut down the unnecessary calls and emails.

Get alerts and reportsGet alerts and reports

Get instant alerts on every change and receive daily/weekly reports on your shipments.

Save Your Time and Get the Job Done Quickly

Stop checking multiple sources

Your dashboard has all the information you need about your cargo at your fingertips. It is always updated with real-time data from several data sources, including shipping lines, ports and terminals, railways, satellites (vessel data), and customs. You can find the following shipment information:

Current status
Route and Schedule
Railways live data
Live location and vessel status
Terminals and depots information
Transshipment ports
Moves and milestones
LFD data
Delays and history of ETA changes
Mulitple Sources

Stop waiting for others to inform you

Suppliers and agents may not send you updates on time and it makes it difficult to adapt to changes and plan accordingly. Being in a vague and unclear state about your shipment ETA and moves can be frustrating. Visiwise notifies you of all the updates regarding your shipments instantly and helps you get the job done on time.

Receive email alertsReceive email alerts

Get customized notifications for carrier ETA changes, new moves, exceptions and any other important events instantly.

Get regular reportsGet regular reports

Get automatic reports of all your ongoing shipments, daily, weekly, or any other frequency you want.

Stop Waiting
Mulitple Sources

I had a large volume of shipments to monitor but found it time consuming to have to search one by one through each shipping line website. I also had to do a new search every time. With Visiwise all the information is saved and keeps me up to date.

Christy Pike | Logistics Manager
Project Origin